Salario Ralph Hamers

  • Consejeros Ejecutivos - ING Group - Países Bajos
  • Nacido en: 1966 Países Bajos
  • Anual: 1.750.000,00 €
  • Mensual: 145.833,33 €
  • Semanal: 33.653,85 €
  • Diario: 6.730,77 €
Ralph Hamers

Reuters March 2018: 51-year old Hamers, who has led ING since October 2013, will receive the extra pay in the form of ING shares worth 50 percent of his base salary of 1.75 million euros ($2.17 million). NRC March 2018: 50% extra pay cancelled due to outcry in the Netherlands over the 'absurd' amount. Volkskrant July 2018: He received over 2.6 million euros in 2017. august 2019: In the same year, a big discussion about the reward of Hamers started. The Supervisory Board of ING wanted to increase it to more than 3 million euros, in the form of shares that Hamers would receive in addition to his fixed salary of 1.75 million euros. Due to fierce criticism, the bank finally decided to withdraw the salary proposal.


Update: 2019-8