Isabel II
Reina del Reino Unido, Canadá, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, y los otros reinos de la Commonwealth
Nacido en: 1926 Reino Unido
Hijos: 4
  • Annual: € 45,750,143.00
  • Mensual: € 3,812,512.00
  • Semanal: € 879,810.00
  • Diario: € 125,343.00
Income /sovereign grant overview:
Guardian June 2016: The Queen’s annual accounts show the monarchy cost the taxpayer £40.1m during 2015-16, The Queen is set for a £2.8m pay rise next year, a 6.5% increase on this year’s £42.8m.
Guardian June 2015: for 2015: £39.9 million - Overall royal spending (salaries including those of the household /travel/maintenance palaces and so on) stayed flat from the previous year at £35.7million, with £2.2million added to reserves. Next year 2016 would see a pay increase based on 15% of the annual surplus of the crown estate, which would make about £43 million. Scotland is set no longer to contribute, which would be a reduction of £2 million.
BBC June 2013: The Sovereign Grant, which funds the Queen's spending as Head of State, will rise in 2014 from £36.1m to £37.89m.
Dailymail 5 Dec. 2011: The queen is set to feel the pinch of the economic downturn as she faces a pay freeze until 2015. The monarch's funding is now linked to profits at the Crown Estate instead of taxpayers money paying for royal travel and royal palaces. The Queens funding will now equal 15% of the profits made 2 years previously by the Crown estate (the Crown Estate estimated that in 2014 it will donate £250 million to the Treasury, suggesting that the Queen will be paid £37.5 million until 2016) Her taxpayer funding is set at £30 million per year until april 2013. She will receive an one-off payment of £1 million to fund the cost of the diamond jubilee.
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